Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Run faster, Daddy!

As I mentioned last week, Matt registered for a last minute 5k and he ran it on Sunday.  The race, the Star Kid 5K and Family Fun Run, was a well-organized charity race in Fairfax to benefit the Inova Children’s Heart Program.  As a lot of you know, one of our twin girls was born with a congenital lung disorder requiring major surgery, so running to support any cause that helps children with childhood illness is a cause worth running for!  Matt hadn’t run the course before so he didn’t know what to expect.  We had intended to drive the race course on Saturday, but by the time we made it over to pick up his race packet after ballet and lunch, the kids had reached critical and needed their afternoon nap.  We decided that since it was only a 5k that hopefully there wouldn’t be too many tough or easy to miss turns.  We got to the start a little early and could see that it was going to be a tight first mile with several quick, sharp turns.  Matt decided to take the first mile out fast so that he could get through those turns without a lot of people around him so he didn’t run into anyone.  There were a few kids on the starting line and he was worried he might not see them.  Unfortunately, Matt didn’t have a guide for the race.  With the exception of a couple of rolling hills in the back half, it was a pretty easy course.  Matt tuckered out in the last mile since he had to go out hard, but still ran the race in 18:33 and placed third OVERALL! 

When we can, we stay for the awards ceremonies.  Zachary fell asleep in his carrier and the girls watched a balloon artist make a bunch of different animals, so we were able to keep everyone happy for the 45 minutes or so until the awards.  I’m sure glad we did because Matt won $150 in cash!  We weren’t expecting such a generous award since it was a charity run, so we were very pleasantly surprised.  That covers Matt’s new running shoes he got on Friday!

I only got a couple of pictures of Matt at the beginning of the race, but I thought I’d share them with you.  Since I made fun of him for wearing the same thing to every race, he decided to wear a different pair of shorts.  But really, do they look that different than the usual pair?!

Happy running!  

Matt in the first quarter mile

Matt passing us

We were keeping ourselves entertained
at the three mile mark waiting for Matt to come back in. 

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