Friday, June 6, 2014

Doughnut anyone?

Looks like I told you about Matt’s love of doughnuts too early – today is National Doughnut Day!  Matt intends to stop by Dunkin Donuts after his run for a free donut.  What a nice treat on a Friday.  So back to running…

Matt has been doing his long runs on Fridays.  He works from home on Fridays so he can arrange his hours such that he can get in a 13+ mile run in during the day.  That frees up Saturday mornings so I can run.  Last Friday he ran 14 miles.  Today he is only planning to run about four miles since he signed up for a 5k race on Sunday (the Star Kid 5K that benefits the Inova Children’s Heart Program).  He’ll be doing that race instead of a Father’s Day race that he intended to run next weekend (and one that he placed third overall in last year).  I’ll be in Paris so it is logistically impossible for him to race while I am away.  I’m a little sad I won’t be here for Father’s Day, particularly since we didn’t really get to celebrate Mother’s Day because he was flying back from Arizona.  I know, I know, there are plenty more Mother’s and Father’s Days ahead of us.  That doesn’t make missing one any less of a big deal.

He will be running without a guide on Sunday so he got a copy of the race map from the race organizers.  The race is only a few miles from our house so we’ll drive the race course on Saturday so that he knows where all of the turns are.  Sometimes in smaller races like this one, the turns are either not well marked, or the volunteers there don’t announce the turn.  On more than one occasion, Matt has overshot a turn or completely missed a turn, both of which impact his time.  We checked out last year’s results and the top finisher ran a 15:10 (that is 4:53 minute miles).  This is his first road race since February so we’ll see how he does and whether he places.  Send good luck wishes to Matt!  

In the meantime and returning to the wonderful subject of doughnuts, I’ll leave you with a quote from Homer Simpson and a picture of my girls enjoying doughnuts!

Homer Simpson: “Donuts.  Is there anything they can’t do?”  

About 17 months old and enjoying their first donut.

Emily has everything she needs -- crackers, a shoe, and a donut with sprinkles!

Marisa enjoying a donut.

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