Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our New Wednesday

Matt has had a pair of running shoes in the back of our closet the entire time we’ve been married.  They look like they might have been white at one time, but that is debatable.  I never paid them much attention until Matt said that he needed to dust off his spikes to get ready for the Desert Challenge (more on that soon).  He has had these spikes since college.  They don’t even have all of the spikes in them anymore and if they could once unscrew, they have been permanently put in after more than a decade of use.   Tonight Matt put his college spikes in a bag and ran to the George Mason University track to do a speed workout.  A couple of weeks ago we decided that Wednesday would be Matt’s track night.  Before we moved to suburbia and had three kids, Matt would go to Wednesday night track to run with DC Roadrunners and I’d meet a friend for a jog.  Afterwards we’d go to dinner at Whole Foods.  I know, romantic, right?  So the first night he wants to go to the track, the twins decided they didn’t want to eat their dinner and were crying for daddy.  I really wanted to tell him to start a different night, but there are only so many Wednesdays before the Desert Challenge Games in May so I told him to go.  Thankfully, the girls had pity for me and decided that their dinner was in fact good.  They even humored me and didn’t protest during our bedtime routine.  Matt returned home an hour later and all three kiddos were in bed.  I survived night-night…night one and the last couple of Wednesdays since then.  Tonight while the Frozen soundtrack ran at the house, Matt ran a good workout: 
He ran the 1.3 miles to the GMU track and did a safety lap to make sure there was nothing in lane one (like a bench or something).  Then he did four times one mile at 5:40 pace with a one lap recovery in between each mile.  Then he ran the 1.3 miles home.  The girls were still awake singing in their beds so he got to say good night.

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