Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What are you doing on September 13th? Race for Every Child!

Last October, Matt ran the first Children’s National Health System Race for Every Child 5k.  He ended up placing 8th that day and loved the race, but that’s not why he ran it.  We will forever be indebted to Children’s for taking such wonderful care of our daughter Marisa from well before she was born through to her lung surgery at the age of 11 months.   Forty-one permanent titanium staples later, and listening to her belt out "Let It Go" you’d never know she had a third of her right lung removed.  Her fantastic surgeon has moved out of the area, but she continues to be followed by Children’s to monitor the progress of her lung growth and regeneration.  We booked our beach vacation before we knew the race had been scheduled for September so unfortunately we won’t be able to participate this year.  However, if you’re free on Saturday, September 13th, I hope you’ll consider running this race that benefits every child that will ever walk through the doors of Children’s National.  We know that our story is one of many and that not all have as happy an ending, so if running a 5k can help then we’ll run it as many years as we are able.  

Here’s a link (where you can even see Matt on the starting line turning on his talking watch!):

Marisa at Children's about halfway through her hospital recovery

Marisa today -- happy and healthy!

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