Thursday, May 22, 2014


How do you train? Do you come up with your own training schedule or do you run with a group or follow an online training regime?  How do you get faster?  For many years Matt has run with DC Roadrunners and still wears the DC Roadrunners singlet in ALL of his races.  (If you look at the race pictures posted throughout this blog you’ll see the same shirt worn with one of two shorts.  I promise he owns more running clothes!)  Unfortunately, since we moved last year, getting to DC Roadrunner track workouts and Saturday long runs is a challenge with only one driver and three little kids who go to sleep at 7pm.  Matt has run long enough to know how much he needs to run to be ready for a marathon or an upcoming race, but he is moving into uncharted territory.  Matt doesn’t need to shave a little time off his events; he needs to shave a lot of time off in order to meet the United States A and B track and field standards.  If he had to meet the international standards he wouldn’t have an issue. 

Over the last few months Matt has been trying to find a coach that is willing to coach him for free until he makes the team (he’ll get a stipend once he makes the team).  We had two possible leads, but neither has panned out.  When he was in Mesa he was told that he was holding his arms too high.  Little pointers like that will add up to helping him meet the qualifying times that he needs to in order to make the team.  So I am throwing this out to you to ask if you know of a qualified coach that would be willing to send Matt workouts and provide guidance throughout this journey.  We think a lot of the training can be done electronically, but he’ll also need someone to watch him run occasionally for help on form and technique.  Let us know! 

Absent a coach, I have taken to reading other running blogs to find drills and other things that might be helpful.  We’ve also started doing a short workout together every evening after the kids are bed and we’re ready for the next day.  We alternate between a night of ab work and strengthening and a night of yoga and stretching.  We’re only in our second week, but it is one small contribution to this process. 

The other night our daughter Marisa asked if she could get a pair of running shoes like mommy and daddy so that she can run with us.  Sounds like there might be at least one additional runner in the family!

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